Change and Communications Consultant


Are the terms “stakeholder analysis,” “communications plan,” and “behavior change” music to your ears? Does your manager rely on you when they need to get the job done? Does it drive you nuts when you see a deliverable with typos or errors? When you discovered change management consulting, did you feel you finally found a home?

If so, you may be interested in applying to our Change Management Consultant position at Emerson. As a change consultant you will be in a unique position to learn from our experts while sharing your insights, learnings and observations.

Think you’ve got what it takes? Tell us why. (And make sure to also let us know where you are based and how many years external consulting experience you have). Send a cover letter and resume to:

Also, in order to ensure you feel you are a fit with our organization’s unique culture, please check us out and/or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Also, please take a look at our website where you will also find Trish’s blog.

Why Emerson?

  • We’re the largest company in the US made up of full-time employees specializing only in behavior change. We employ only experts like you. We’re not an IT consultancy or an accounting firm that also has a specialized practice – critical behavior change is all we do.
  • We deliver for the best. We are the choice of some of the most successful and well-known companies in the world. We don’t like to drop names, but ok: Gap, Chevron, Frito-Lay, Nike, University of California, Marriott, NetApp, McKesson and Tyson are just a few of our clients.
  • We are thought leaders in human performance. For example, the Association for Talent Development published our book series, which covers some of our favorite principles, tips and lessons learned: The Change Book, The Learning & Development Book and The Technology Change Book.