Matt Sinacori
I’ve done stand-up comedy and was once one of the opening acts for Jim Gaffigan.

Q&A Time!


Q: What’s your hometown and current residence? 

A: Dix Hills, NY. Currently live in Hoboken, NJ. About to relocate to California.


Q: Family, pets or hermit? 

A: I am not sure they are mutually exclusive. I have a beautiful family – a wife and two little boys – and even have a cat (I actually once had four). Even with all that, I still consider myself a homebody.


Q: Favorite sound? 

A: My baby, Dash, sighing, or my four-year-old, Milo, snoring.


Q: Least favorite sound? 

A: Jackhammers.


Q: Profession you’d like to attempt? 

A: Working for Pixar would fulfill my childhood ambition of being a cartoonist.


Q: Profession you’d not like to attempt? 

A: Skydive instructor.


Q: Favorite season? 

A: Fall. I was a September baby and there is something about cooler weather and the smell of wet leaves and mud that is nostalgic for me.