This is all we do.

Emerson was the first large full-time workforce specializing only in organization transformation. We’re not an IT consultancy or an accounting firm with a transformation practice – behavior change is all we do.

We’re very popular.

Emerson is the choice of the most recognized brands in the world. Our clients include the US government and a diverse mix of Fortune 500 companies you interact with in your home, when you eat, and where you shop. They are companies you know, personally and professionally.

We love to go big.

Emerson specializes in change that has over $1M impact and must be accomplished within 180 days.

We wrote the book.

Emerson is a thought leader in behavior change. We wrote a series of books that capture our favorite principles, tips and lessons learned: The Change Book, The Learning & Development Book, and The Technology Change Book.

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Meet the personalities behind the first company of full-time professionals specializing only in organization transformation.

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Emerson is a company of doers who zig when the world zags; who activate change around them and have the confidence to inspire.

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Whatever it is, we're here to help.

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Spanning industries across the country, Emerson has partnered with a diverse group of clients on over 675 projects.

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