Three principles that drive behavior.

There are three reasons your training fails, your change efforts stall, and you ignore them at your peril. You need to know about “Familiar, Controlled, and Successful.”

Whether you are responsible for a learning experience or implementing a big organizational change, you will leave our workshop with tools to help your people take an active role in the change.

Fundamentals of Change

We face an unprecedented rate of change.

The winners know how to navigate those changes while performing at a high level.

In this four-hour workshop, we’ll give you the basics, founded on scientific research and our own success with our clients’ toughest projects.

Change is hard, but we have cracked the code. We will teach you how to use behavior change to move your organization toward the outcomes you want. You’ll leave the workshop with tools and templates for your own change projects.

Move from understanding to doing.

If you took Fundamentals of Change, you learned the models and principles of strong change management.

In Executing Change, we dive deeper, applying these tools to YOUR project.

You’ll learn about each model, tool and template, then begin to use it to address your own organization’s change initiative.  You’ll leave the workshop armed with the techniques to manage change, and a big head start toward your project’s goals.

Strategy & Planning

Does your leadership team know what to do?

If we asked each of your top executives what they need to do, today, to move your organization in the right direction, what would they say?

Have they committed to deliver certain outcomes? Have they agreed upon how to work together? How about what priorities create momentum for the year?

“Strategic planning” sounds boring, but if you don’t have it, it gets interesting real quick. You need it, and we know how to help.

Making Behaviors Stick

Behavior change is the key to any lasting organizational transformation.

We teach leaders and change agents how to identify the critical behaviors that drive the outcomes they want. Resilience is one of the qualities our clients most often seek for their workforce and leadership teams.

This workshop helps participants start building resilient behaviors and momentum toward lasting change.

When it comes to training, what are you afraid of?

Probably that your learners will leave saying your training is useless and boring.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Emerson Human Capital’s learning experts want you to use behavioral science to make your training great for learners.

Come learn, laugh and have fun in this interactive session. You’ll leave with a new perspective and a tool you can use immediately to make sure your programs have a real and positive impact.

The Five Myths of Change Management

Smart people start with the wrong assumptions.

Then, when results disappoint, we don’t challenge the assumptions underpinning the work. We don’t question the conventional wisdom that has failed us.

This workshop will help you let go of five myths common in organization change. You will learn to focus your efforts and get your organization to its goal, faster.