Research shows that it is imperative to create success within 90 days of launching a change. It’s hard to do, but we have cracked the code. We have a proven, disciplined approach that delivers results.

Through interactive working sessions, we align your team, get them on message, and engineer specific behaviors that make your change familiar, controlled and successful.

We help people internalize your new way of doing business so they behave differently and sustain your business performance.

Expert Delivery & Executive Facilitation

“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.” That’s Socrates. We don’t know him personally, but we feel like he gets us. We’re quite comfortable on our feet teaching, but we consider ourselves facilitators, not presenters. That means we engage participants and help them get to each learning objective. If they meet those milestones and walk out knowing they can perform, you’re on your way to the business goals you want.

Change Management.

We work with you to design and build processes, teams and roles that support your change. We engage and motivate employees, mobilize the workforce, build momentum, smooth the transition and help sustain long-term results.

Change Strategy

We are experts in changing human behavior. We draw from political science, marketing, economics, communications and group theory to create interventions that work and plans that are practical and easy to implement.

Stakeholder Alignment

We will get everyone aligned on your vision, strategy, values, and tactics. They’ll be able to talk about your goals consistently and passionately without relying on PowerPoint or email.

Communication Planning & Messaging

You have an important message, but are competing for attention. Our experts come from public relations, journalism and politics. We know how to focus attention so critical information gets through.

Organization Design

We start with the major processes that deliver value to your customers and design from there. We develop models that support your core competencies and document work processes that help you scale. We craft job roles and descriptions to help you acquire the right talent. The result is an organization structure that works efficiently, effectively and smoothly.

Change Centers Of Excellence

We help international companies create their own change methodologies and tools, and train their new change teams. We have what you need to quickly stand up a powerful and impactful change organization.

Learning & Development.

We develop and deliver targeted, innovative, engaging and sustainable learning solutions.

Competency Design

Whether you are tailoring an off-the-shelf catalog or developing your competencies from scratch, we have the expertise to help. You will have a consistent definition to drive recruiting, job design, training, performance, employee development, compensation, team management and succession planning.

Learning & Curriculum Strategy

Strategy is about winning. It describes exactly how and why you will win. A curriculum strategy is the same – it paints a picture and fills in every detail that will get you and your employees to your goal. We have developed hundreds of curriculum strategies for the world’s most recognized brands. Work with us, and your employees will help you make that strategy a reality.

Instructional Design & Development

Our instructional designers have advanced degrees in learning fields and decades of real-world experience. We have developed thousands of courses in various modalities, including instructor-led, self-study and on-the-job coaching. We are experts in blended learning, e-learning, performance support and evaluation. This is why you can trust that your intellectual property will actually translate into business performance.

Evaluation & Assessment

How do you know your training was a success? You don’t, unless you measure it. We want to know what behaviors are critical to your employees’ performance and your business results. Those are the behaviors we think you should train and measure. We work with you to define how much information you want – from satisfaction to ROI – and build those assessments into your program.

Learning Tools & Technology

There are a lot of tools to consider; they might look or sound cool, but they won’t necessarily serve your needs. We can help you evaluate all of your options, while staying focused on the critical behaviors that drive your business results.

Technology Change.

Technology change is a big undertaking, and doing it well means considering all the elements driving success, particularly the ones with their fingers on the keyboards – the people. Their performance is critical. We help engage the workforce, maximize performance, minimize learning curves, prevent workarounds and improve processes, all while staying focused on bottom-line benefits.

Change Strategy

We are experts in changing human behavior. And because we also love implementation, we sharpen as we go; we incorporate what we learn from previous implementations into every strategy we design. You get plans that are practical and easy to implement.

Business Readiness & Alignment

We have decades of experience with the people side of go-live. We help you align big-picture planning with detailed tactics that support a smooth transition for your people and your business.

Behavior Change

We have engineered successful behavior change for organizations ranging from retail to healthcare. We routinely create momentum within 90 days. This means not only accomplishing your business case, but making behaviors stick and ensuring those benefits last.

Communication Planning & Messaging

How do you focus attention on your effort? Our communication experts have weathered decades of technology change projects, big and small. They will help you get through the noise and create the engagement you need to make your implementation a success.

Training & User Support

The best system in the world won’t get you to your goal if people don’t use it properly to do their jobs. We take the employee’s perspective. We build training and support programs that keep them focused and productive. Your employees will spend less time in training and more time getting work done.

Cybersecurity & Safety

You need a cyber-safe mindset and a set of lock-step behaviors, across your organization, or your operation can be compromised. Our deep expertise in behavior change has no better application. Cyber breach is a behavior problem and it’s one we know how to solve.

What’s your risk profile?

Get advice on implementation impact, go-live phasing, and more by taking our technology change risk assessment.