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Remarkably, no ego.
Lisa Toft, Associate Client Director
I’ve been here for over a decade because these are people who people like to work with.
Mike Cassady, Director of L&D
When I joined Emerson, I wondered, ‘Is this for real?’ Everyone is so kind, capable, and fun.
Jaime Shearer, Associate Client Director
Zero bureaucracy.
Rory McKenna, Director of Change Management
My favorite thing is being surrounded by Change and L&D experts.
Manda Ortega, Consultant
Easily the most unique and fulfilling job I've ever had.
Ryan Sumner, marketing manager
I joined Emerson because I crave the inspiration of super smart and fun people.
Lisa Pyne, Client Director
We put the human in human capital.
Hon Tu, Consultant
Every single person actively helps so you have everything you need to succeed.
Tara Schlosser, Change Management & Comms Manager
A place where you can be yourself and do what you love.
Rich Martin, VP of Consulting
I have never worked in a company where everyone genuinely enjoys what they do.
Samantha Flores, HR Generalist
Who doesn't love solving problems?
Micah Green, L&D Manager

We like smarts.

We hire people smarter than ourselves. Because that’s what smart people do.

We like fun-loving people.

Also funny people. And people who laugh at funny people.

We like likable people.

When hiring, we think, “Would I want to sit next to this person on a long flight?” And if we would, our clients might like them too.


The more clients we help, the more help we need. As a nationwide company, we have opportunities across the country.

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Aside from joining an unbeatable team of change colleagues, here are a few company-wide perks you'll enjoy as an Emerson employee.

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