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Client Director
Full-time - Greater Milwaukee Area
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Bilingual Change Management Manager
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Remarkably, no ego.
Lisa Toft, Associate Client Director
I’ve been here for over a decade because these are people who people like to work with.
Mike Cassady, Director of L&D
When I joined Emerson, I wondered, ‘Is this for real?’ Everyone is so kind, capable, and fun.
Jaime Shearer, Associate Client Director
My favorite thing is being surrounded by Change and L&D experts.
Manda Ortega, Consultant
A place where you can be yourself and do what you love.
Rich Martin, VP of Consulting
Every single person actively helps so you have everything you need to succeed.
Tara Schlosser, Change Management & Comms Manager
I joined Emerson because I crave the inspiration of super smart and fun people.
Lisa Pyne, Client Director

We like smarts.

We hire people smarter than ourselves. Because that’s what smart people do.

We like fun-loving people.

Also funny people. And people who laugh at funny people.

We like likable people.

When hiring, we think, “Would I want to sit next to this person on a long flight?” And if we would, our clients might like them too.


The more clients we help, the more help we need. As a nationwide company, we have opportunities across the country.

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Get to know our current cast of characters.


Aside from joining an unbeatable team of change colleagues, here are a few company-wide perks you'll enjoy as an Emerson employee.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For Candidates

  • Does Emerson hire trainers?

    Yes. But they’re not trainers only. They also have deep experience in planning, designing, and developing training.

  • What is your recruiting process? How long is your recruiting process?

    There are five steps. First, we review your resume to make sure you have the right education and experience. Then, we do a quick interview to check our understanding. Third, we ask you for a writing sample, to make sure you’re an excellent written communicator. Fourth, we conduct an in-depth interview on your skills. Fifth, we ask you to create a sample deliverable and “client” presentation, based on a brief case study in your area of expertise.

    We know it’s a more rigorous process than many other consultancies, but we’re serious about delivering the highest quality for our clients, and this is the only way to do that. Along the journey, we promise you’ll meet some really nice people.

  • Do I need a certification to work with Emerson?

    No, but we love to see certifications on your resume. Some of the most helpful are in the areas of project management, change management, and learning.

  • Have Emerson ReadyStaff contractors ever become full-time employees, or vice versa?

    Yes! The door goes both ways, based on the consultant’s goals and Emerson’s needs.

  • Where are the Emerson resources located? Do I have to live in the Bay Area to work for Emerson?

    All over the US! You definitely do not need to live near our HQ in the Bay Area.

  • What is your org structure? How do all employees and contractors work together?

    Emerson Human Capital is made up of full-time employees. Emerson ReadyStaff is made up of contractors who are recruited in the same way, using the same rigorous process. “EHC” and “ERS” consultants team up often on client projects, with oversight from EHC senior leadership.

  • What is difference between change and learning rules

    Just the work. Sometimes the client needs one type of solution or the other, but often they need both. In those cases, we construct a team of learning and change specialists.

  • What are your values?

    We have six: Quality, Authenticity, Creativity, Courage, Stewardship, and Humor. And we actually check ourselves, as a team, to make sure we’re living those values.

  • What qualities do successful people at Emerson have?

    People who thrive with Emerson tend to be great listeners and communicators. They’re natural collaborators and value team wins. They’re creative and open — ready to say “Yes, and…” instead of “that won’t work.”

    They are authentic, kind, and light on ego. They’re not attached to their place in a hierarchy; they’ll roll up their sleeves and do whatever it takes to help their peers and serve a client. They’re also great at lightening a mood when it counts.

  • What skills and experience do successful people at Emerson have?

    Degrees and consulting experience in change management, learning design/development/delivery, facilitation, technology implementation, and project management. We also have a few great cooks, and an amazing trail racer.

  • Do you hire for specific projects?

    Sometimes. Generally, we hire for the skills we need to meet typical client needs. But, once in a while, a client needs a certain skill or experience emphasis, or we need a lot more people than usual to staff a big project. In those cases, we might recruit with a client engagement in mind.

  • How big is a typical team?

    That’s hard to say. Our teams range from two (a consultant and an Emerson lead for quality and project oversight) to around 12. That’s not including client teammates, of course.

  • How is Emerson different?

    Behavior change is all we do. We were the first company with a large team of full-time professionals specializing only in behavior change. We’re not an IT consultancy or an accounting firm with a transformation practice – behavior change is all we do.

    We are thought leaders. We base our proprietary methodologies on behavior science and what works in real life. We wrote a series of books that capture our favorite principles, tips and lessons learned: The Change Book, The Learning & Development Book, and The Technology Change Book.

    We’re the choice of the big four consultancies. Even those who have transformation practices of their own hire us to help them. They acknowledge that we’re the best. They trust us with their brands.

    We are the choice of the most recognized brands in the world. Our clients are Fortune 500 companies that you know and trust.

    We are much more fun than other consultants. Ask anyone.