• The Executive Facilitation Series: How You Know You Won

    You facilitated an executive working session and you think it went well! But how can you know for sure? Here’s what you might hear and observe afterward.
  • The People Side of Artificial Intelligence Implementations

    A change lead is the only member of your AI project with a laser focus on getting people to use your new, fantastical AI technology.
  • Budgeting for IT Organizational Change Management

    Go beyond the traditional “percentage of project funding” when budgeting for the people side of change.
  • How to Approach Year-End Goal Setting

    As a leader, how should you approach annual goal setting? A clear process and sound principles will make strong goal setting easier on everyone.
  • Testing Your Employees’ Digital Experience

    Smart teams think about people during their digital transformation. To get the most from your tech pilot, put change management in the cockpit.
  • The Evolution of Change Management Service Models

    Many Fortune 500 companies are moving away from individual project decisions and toward a new model.
  • M&A: The Opportunity to Onboard

    Don't overlook a strategic ally for an M&A transition: the L&D team. Here are 5 things you can accomplish with onboarding for a newly merged organization.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions: The People Side

    Organizations in the throes of M&A need the power of their people, so there is a lot riding on change management. Learn how to address M&A at three levels.
  • Process Design: 3 Myths

    Process design has a lot of benefits, like efficiency, speed, and cost savings. But do you understand the implications? Consider these 3 process design myths before you get started.
  • Building Change Management Capability

    At Emerson, we help organizations build their own internal change management functions. We partner with them to build the skills, methods, and tools they need to drive change from within. Here’s how.