• Don’t Travel Like a Rookie

    When it comes to traveling, I am a PRO. Well, I was a pro, pre-COVID. But when business travel resumed, I found I’d forgotten almost everything I knew about traveling. I was a travel rookie once again. If work or pleasure launches you back into the friendly skies, read my Pro Tips before you depart.
  • A Mom’s Guide to Raising a Thru-Hiker

    When Kerri's daughter decided to hike, off the grid, for weeks, she had to learn to cope. Read about how our Learning and Development Director navigated her own journey, as a worried mom.
  • Pride Month 2021 Has Me Feeling Surprised & Thankful

    The compassion, empathy and resilient work ethic of my allies inspired me to exclusively seek roles under female leadership.
  • From the Trails to the Office

    After 25-plus years of consulting and 100 endurance races, I’ve noticed lots of parallels. Here are a few.
  • Resilience v2020

    What is resilience and how do you build it? As a two-time cancer survivor, here's what I know.
  • Dear Coronavirus

    While many have suffered from a devastating health crisis, COVID-19 also opened our eyes to the need for real transformation.
  • Finding Balance

    I realized I was wasting part of my life by "relaxing" on the weekends. So I made a decision. Every weekend I would do at least one thing I enjoy.
  • Vieques Love: How Our Own Chris Harper Survived Maria and Ways to Help

    Read Chris's first-person account of the storm and learn how you can join us in helping our fellow Americans recover.