Emerson uses a proven model and process to quickly tackle big change.

Shift Behaviors

Our methodology unwinds behaviors from the policy, processes and procedures that bind them, enabling you to sift through the noise and focus on what matters.

Focus Attention

Focus starts with aligning leaders around a message and then making that message relevant as it cascades down the organization.

Control the Experience

Our strategy uses the principles of human behavior to engineer early success and create momentum. It then provides a support framework to keep everyone working the right way and sustain the change.

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  • Drawing of a cocoon

    Activate change.

    Emerson believes business leaders can be happier and more successful if they learn to change and optimize behavior. 

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    Emerson creates change strategy.

    We help people internalize the new way of doing business, so they behave differently. We focus their attention and give them tools and information, so they know what to do, when and how.

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    Your people are a powerful asset.

    We help organizations capture the benefit of their change initiatives. Then we build the means to sustain this new way of working. We do all these things at the organizational and individual level.

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    Agents you can trust.

    It doesn’t matter what you’re launching—a new product, service, technology, market strategy, operating model—Emerson’s change agents help you achieve the intended benefit fast.