December  19,  2018

A few weeks ago I gave you some scientific tips to help you achieve your New Year’s resolution. Consider using those five social science tricks and stay out of the 40 percent of Americans who don’t fulfill their goals.

Typically we use this space to share our favorite lessons learned in behavior change, learning and development, and digital transformation. But this time we’re sharing our 2019 resolutions. This is how we’re trying to change things; maybe it will inspire you.

Randi: Schedule and commit daily time with dogs and books. (I find I’m missing them.)

Kenny: My “resolution” is to embrace more of what is going well instead of what I don’t have or what isn’t going well. Focus is a choice…and I plan to be intentional with it next year!

Garrett: Become more of a minimalist.

Lisa: Read more. And walk my dogs more because nothing makes me happier than seeing their excitement to go on a walk.

Ryan: My NY resolution centers around reducing my carbon footprint. I call it my “2019 Less List” – using the dishwasher less, using less electricity in my home, less vehicle dependency (more biking or public transportation), buying less plastic, and reusing/repurposing plastic packaging (like takeout cartons and produce bags). Let’s save the Earth while we still can! 🙂

Samantha: I’m planning on two resolutions next year. First, I’m going to eat less dairy. My second goal is to participate in at least one community service event per month.