September  04,  2018

Do you know everything you need to know to be your best as a learning professional? Well, I don’t. And I hope I never believe that I do know everything. Excellence means growth, and even the best of us benefits from new research and the perspectives of other smart people.

That’s why I love lists like the one TalentLMS just published: Books Every Aspiring CLO Should Read.

Full disclosure: one of our CEO’s books is on this list. But alongside that excellent piece of work, there are 47 well-considered books for learning professionals. Here are a few I can personally recommend:

  • Visual Design Solutions: Principles and Creative Inspiration for Learning Professionals by Connie Malamed. We own this book and use it for our more junior folks as part of our development program to get up to speed and client-ready.
  • Reality Is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World by Jane McGonigal. We love Jane McGonigal around here. She made us take a look at the world of games to see some very important benefits.
  • The Adult Learner: The Definitive Classic in Adult Education and Human Resource Development by Malcolm S. Knowles, Elwood F. Holton III, and Richard A. Swanson. As the subtitle humbly suggests, this is one of the books many consider a “learning and development bible.” I often refer to this for reminders or good rules of thumb.

The list is broken down into categories (corporate training, instructional design, gamification, talent management, etc.) to help you find exactly the inspiration and advice you’re looking for. Happy reading!