July  19,  2017

When I first heard about WannaCry and Petya, I thought they were Reddit usernames. Unfortunately for thousands of Microsoft OS users, WannaCry and Petya are not so harmless – they are the names of two major ransomware attacks that hit systems across the globe and battled cybersecurity.

Petya halted companies like DLA Piper and Oreo’s producer Mondelēz International by making it impossible for employees to access their computers. To make a long story short, computers using Microsoft had a vulnerability called EternalBlue. Microsoft released a fix for the liability in March 2017, but any users who didn’t accept that update were vulnerable. In other words, if you didn’t press “Install” when the antivirus box appeared on your screen, your computer was at risk.

Like our CEO Trish Emerson says, the first step to cybersecurity is realizing your business isn’t facing a technology problem — it’s a behavior problem. Petya did so much damage only because of an action users decided not to take. Get your employees to change their behavior (like installing security updates), and you’ve strengthened your first line of defense against cyber threats.

We created a quick and easy video series about turning your employees into cybersecurity warriors. Take the first step to safety by learning how to change behavior.