• Mergers & Acquisitions: The People Side

    Organizations in the throes of M&A need the power of their people, so there is a lot riding on change management. Learn how to address M&A at three levels.
  • One Perspective On ChatGPT

    What is ChatGPT and should your organization use it to create content?
  • Five Questions to Ask When Implementing ERP

    Enterprise resource planning can be an invasive and expensive undertaking. If you get these five things right, you’re on your way to a return on your investment.
  • Building Change Management Capability

    At Emerson, we help organizations build their own internal change management functions. We partner with them to build the skills, methods, and tools they need to drive change from within. Here’s how.
  • 9 Cool Things Our Clients Did

    Meaningful work with people we love – our mantra since Emerson opened its doors in 2001. Last year was no different. Here’s a recap.
  • Is It Common, Critical, or Catastrophic

    Emerson's L&D Manager reflects on a recent move and enterprise learning. She learned everything can’t—and shouldn’t—be crammed into a learning event…nor a Honda Accord
  • Comparisons: Your Leadership Superpower

    People unconsciously compare. As a leader, ask yourself: What comparisons are they making? If you know that, you can influence behavior.
  • How To Leave a Job and Start Over

    People process experiences differently based on whether they are at the beginning, middle, or end of an event. If you recently left or lost your job, use this moment to your advantage. Here's how.
  • Six Ways To Guard Your Time

    The Meeting Monster: a menacing hulk of back-to-back meetings waiting to eat your productivity. Fear not; you can use our tips to guard your time.
  • Playing To Your Strengths

    You may say, “I know what my strengths are.” Good. But recognizing your strengths is only the beginning. Use science-based strength assessments to grow in your job, career or even in your relationships.