• What Not To Do When You Have a New CEO

    Let’s say you’re a C-suite executive and a new CEO is on the way. You feel nervous—is your job in danger? In our opinion, yes, but here's how to manage the change.
  • Training On the Unthinkable

    Effective learning experiences are realistic and repetitive, preparing well-chosen people to create the new habits they need to perform. We have trouble imagining that training teachers to use guns will meet those criteria.
  • Change Under Pressure

    Studies show individuals change their behavior when the perceived cons of changing are less than perceived cons of staying the same.
  • 4 Secret Thoughts of New Hires

  • Your Change Program Can Bring Home the Gold

    We don’t think an organizational change project can touch the level of enjoyment we get from a vacation or watching the Olympics. But could we at least try?
  • Four Ways to Get the Traction Your Org Change Needs

    You need action, but employees aren’t listening. Here’s how to cut through the noise and get the results you need.
  • Refreshing Leadership Meetings in 2021

    Meetings have such a bad reputation, especially among busy executives. But if you do it right, they’ll accept your next invite with a smile.
  • Familiar, Controlled, and Successful

    At Emerson, we like to take scientific findings and use them to help you get the business outcomes you want.
  • Scaling Your Workforce in Tough Times

    If you need to scale quickly, we have some ideas for you to consider.
  • Are you uncomfortable? Good. The work is just starting

    You want to be on the right side of this sea-change and tap into the culture of tomorrow. But to do this right, you will have to unlearn some of the behaviors that got you this far.