• Undergoing a Big Technology Change

    One of the best-known retail brands in the world decided it was time to standardize their product creation processes. They turned to Emerson for help.
  • Quick Transformation

    A major investment management firm was leader in emerging markets and client relationships but, in the recent years, the firm had under-performed. They realized they had to transform quickly or risk losing clients to competitors. They turned to Emerson for help.
  • Monumental Change

    A major retailer's traditional brick and mortar stores faced tougher competition in the rapidly changing retail landscape.
  • How Change Management Should Be Done

    A major healthcare organization was launching a professional services procurement system that would impact all 28 of its suppliers and potentially touch 5,000 employees. They asked Emerson to build communication and training for this important new tool.
  • Home Grown Change

    When a data management company wanted to create home-grown change agents, they reached out to Emerson for help.
  • Retail’s Human Resources

    Emerson worked with one of the country's biggest clothing retailers define a new HR operating model while improving business processes.
  • Innovation and Risk

    A major technology company recognized their executives needed greater awareness of and sensitivity to diversity issues to make their multicultural teams more effective.
  • Thrive Through Go-Live

    A major food and beverage company was in the process of an enterprise-wide systems implementation and needed help motivating employees to work together, so they could thrive, rather than survive, through the changes.
  • Scalable SAP Training

    A large pharmaceutical company asked Emerson to help develop both short-term and long-term SAP strategies.
  • Renovating and Rebranding

    A hotel and hospitality company wanted to surpass other premier lifestyle hotel brands through rebranding and getting employees up to speed on how the new brand would serve its customers.
  • Ready or Not?

    A large accounting and finance staff firm asked Emerson to diagnose their readiness for a massive CRM change and then develop and execute a change management plan.
  • Project Management as a Super Power

    A biotech firm needed a super-powered, cross-functional project management process.
  • Optimizing a Work Environment

    A major credit card company needed help creating a positive and inclusive work environment, starting with their leadership.
  • Operating Expertly

    A major oil and gas company needed help determining the headcount to support operations, comply with Global Standards and handle SAP.
  • Mission Critical Competencies

    A government agency needed to make sure their people were sharp enough to face today’s challenges. We helped them develop the Intelligence Career Service.
  • Messaging to the Masses

    A regional bank needed help communicating an organization redesign to their employees.
  • Making Changes Stick

    A gas company was determined to deliver a consistent tool for shift turnovers at their refineries.
  • Leadership Retreat

    Emerson hosted a retreat for a university to focus on leadership development.
  • Leadership Looked to Improve Its People

    A major social media company wanted to kick employee skills up a notch, clarify roles and streamline operations.
  • People Power

    A major municipal utility district was charged with implementing dozens of HR initiatives to ensure the organization had the people power to fuel its business and remain competitive.

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